Network and Security Services

Even if the Azure cloud platform itself is extremely secure, precautions must be taken to protect your resources. At the same time, performance and security of access to these resources are among the factors that directly affect the user experience. As KoçSistem, we determine the security and network actions needs to be taken during your transition to Azure in line with your expectations, and always stand by your side on this journey. We also respond to changing cloud and business needs by managing this infrastructure.

Solutions and Services

Infrastructure Services

Together with the experienced staff of KoçSistem, we deploy the infrastructures of the systems you use or plan to use on Azure for you, manage them on end-to-end basis, and provide consultancy on these systems.

Database Services

Together with the experienced staff of KoçSistem, we deploy various databases you have or plan to have on Azure, provide consultancy services for these systems and manage your systems on end-to-end basis.

Application Development Services

With KoçSistem's expert staff, we streamline your existing applications and make them more flexible, scalable and easier to manage.

Advanced Analytics and Data Platform Services

As KoçSistem, we provide exclusive installation, configuration, management and consultancy for all your analytical services on Azure according to your needs.

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